About Us

Why We’re Here

Children’s Bureau, Inc. is a private nonprofit that has served children and families since 1851 and we’re here because many families need help to overcome the challenges that sometimes lead to unhealthy behaviors and threaten a child’s well-being.

What We Do

We offer an array of human services to Indiana children and families.  Guided by our vision of a healthy family for every child, highly-trained case managers identify and address issues that tear families apart.  They do so in different ways:

  • Prevent – Empower families with professional support and community resources to eliminate issues that lead to entry into the child welfare system.
  • Intervene – Work with families who find themselves in the “system” to accomplish the required goals to keep their children.
  • Protect – Recruit and strengthen foster and adoptive homes.
  • Support – Mentor older youth transitioning from foster care to independent living.

Where You Fit

Children’s Bureau is built on the belief that giving kids the chance to succeed creates stronger communities.  We typically serve more than 40,000 children in over 20,000 families each year.  Whether you share your time, expertise or finances, your support is vital.  Will you join us in our mission?