Adopting with Children's Bureau

What types of adoptions are available through Children's Bureau?

Adoption is the permanent, legal transfer of all parental rights from one person or couple to another person or couple. Children's Bureau can assist with the following adoptions.

Domestic/International/Kinship/Step-Parent Adoptions

Whether you are pursuing an adoption in Indiana, throughout the United States, or internationally, Children's Bureau, will be able to assist you in your adoption journey. Children's Bureau, Inc. offers family preparation studies (commonly called home studies) for your adoption needs. Our comprehensive family preparation summaries meet United States' Guidelines, International Guidelines, and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Guidelines, Hague Standards and Council On Accreditation Standards. Assistance is offered by communicating and coordinating with Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC), USCIS, courts, attorneys, international orphanages and placing agencies to ensure that your family has a wonderful adoption experience. Additionally, we complete post-placement reports (follow-up visits) as required by the placing agency. Post-adoption services are also available after your adoption has been finalized.

  • What is the cost?
    Fees are dependent upon the type of family preparation summary that you are in need of. Please contact us for the various fees/rates. We do not charge an application fee.

Special Needs Adoption

Children's Bureau specializes in the adoption of children with "special needs." These children are generally in the child welfare system due to some sort of abuse and/or neglect. The court has had to intervene and determine that the children are not able to be returned to their biological family. Typically the children are of school age and can display physical, mental, behavioral and emotional problems. The children are from various minority, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.  Our goal is to connect families with children through recruitment, education, and by providing ongoing support throughout the entire adoption process and after the adoption has finalized. These are key elements that enable a success placement and finalization. Learn more here. 

  • What is the process?

    • Families will need to complete a minimum of 16 hours of pre-service training.
    • Complete a family preparation summary
    • Become SNAP (special needs adoption program) recommended.
    • After becoming SNAP recommended, you will receive on going information about children that are available for adoption.

  • What is the cost?
    Generally there are no fees or very minimal costs to families seeking to adopt children that are considered "special needs."

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