CB Foster Care

In Indiana, there are many children in need of a safe home and nurturing family. A foster parent is someone who provides a stable and supportive living environment for a child who cannot live with their biological parents due to family problems, abuse or neglect. Some children stay in foster care for weeks, some for years.

There is no "ideal" foster family. There are specific requirements for Indiana foster parents, but the most important is the desire to love a child who is in need. Foster parents help children heal and find stability while acting as role models for the biological family. Some foster homes become adoptive homes, and sometimes they help children achieve independent living.

Children's Bureau is an accredited agency, providing services in Indiana for over 165 years. Our desire is to link children with the most committed, well-trained foster families Indiana has to offer. We're looking for people who have the drive to make a difference, are willing to work as part of a professional team, and who will take risks to unleash the potential of a child in need to help him or her shape a new world. You have the power to alter a child's future!

Children's Bureau foster care offers comprehensive support and education for all phases of the foster and adoption journeys. Parents are supported emotionally and financially by a team of professionals who are dedicated to preserving families and protecting Indiana's children.

Where is Children's Bureau Foster Care?

We license homes in Marion County and all the surrounding counties.

Why Children's Bureau Foster Care?

• We love kids!
• We understand the unique realities and challenges of foster parenting.
• We employ skilled professionals who work side by side with foster families.
• We're a local social service agency with a great community reputation.
• Financial resources we receive stay right here in Indiana to help our families.
• We specialize in serving children who have faced trauma and disruption.
• We've been around since before you were born! (And probably your grandparents, too.)