CCDF Eligibility Guidelines

To Qualify for CCDF through Children's Bureau:

  • Parents/foster parents who are working or going to school or have a referral from Department of Child Services (DCS) or a referral from TANF/IMPACT.
  • Be within income guidelines
  • Have proof of identity for all family members
  • Be a resident of the county where you are applying for assistance
  • Children receiving care must be 12 years of age or younger unless they have special needs
  • The child receiving assistance must be a U. S. Citizen or qualified legal alien.

Income Guidelines

Size of Family 

Pre-Tax Monthly
Income Limit

1 $1,276.00A family's gross monthly income (before taxes & any other deductions) can not be over 127% of the federal poverty level to be eligible for the program. The family can then remain on the program until the Federal Poverty Level exceeds 170%. Licensed Foster parents, seeking care for foster children, and parents involved with the Department of Child Services do not have to be within these income guidelines. This table will help you determine whether or not you may qualify for the CCDF Program.
2 $1,719.00
3 $2,161.00
4 $2,604.00
5 $3,046.00
6 $3,488.00
7 $3,931.00
8 $4,373.00
9 $4,815.00
10 $5,258.00
11 $5,700.00
12 $6,143.00
13 $6,585.00
14 $7,027.00
15 $7,470.00

Income amounts are figured on gross (before taxes) income. This includes any overtime, holiday, bonus, sick/vacation, etc. Includes wages, SSI, TANF, unemployment, and child support.   (as of 4-30-2017)


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