Marketable Stocks and Securities

Making a charitable contribution to Children's Bureau, Inc. in the form of long term appreciated securities generally provides two important tax advantages. First, the donor is entitled to a charitable income tax deduction based on the fair market value, not the cost basis of the securities, provided it has been owned for more than 12 months. The second advantage is avoidance of the capital gain tax which would be realized if the appreciated securities had been sold by the donor.  The value of the stock - and the amount of the charitable contribution - is the mean between the highest and the lowest selling price on the date of the gift.

The easiest method of transfer is an electronic transfer handled by your broker. You will need the following information:

National Financial Services
DTC# 0226
Account #: 657561742
N/O: The Children's Bureau Foundation

Our Federal Tax I.D.# is 35-1061264.

Please contact VP of Development Annie Martinez ( if you decide to contribute a gift of securities. We also need a letter from the donor or written on behalf of the donor by the bank, broker or agent containing the following information:

Full name
Full mailing address
Description of securities
Date of surrender
Gift designation or restrictions