The Glover Brothers' 2nd Annual "Fit for a Child" Workout Challenge

These two brothers will push the fitness envelope on Saturday, July 12th to benefit Children's Bureau! Here's their workout:

 height=The "Warmup"
160-mile Bike Ride

The "Workout"
Lat Pull Downs (Bar) - 3 x 10 @ 225 lbs
Seated Rows - 3 x 10 @ 220 lbs
Shoulder Shrugs - 3 x 10 @ 360 lbs
Incline Rows - 3 x 10 @ 230 lbs
Reverse Flys - 3 x 10 @ 210 lbs
Lat Pull Downs (Rope) - 3 x 10 @ 110 lbs
Pull Ups - 3 x 10 @ 180 lbs
Bent Over Rows - 3 x 20 @ 90 lbs 

The "Cool Down"
60 Flights of Stairs at Earlham College's Stadium

In total more than 80,000 lbs of weights will be moved during the workout!!!!

Ken Shares His Passion

*Note from Chuck:* Ken is flying in from Texas just to do this ride!

I became involved with Children's Bureau of Indiana as a direct result of my brother Chuck's challenge last year. I made my first monetary donation in honor of Chuck's ride and listened to him discuss some of the agency's goals. It was then that I realized I wanted to adopt Children's Bureau as my own. Like Chuck, I wanted to use something I had been blessed with to affect a "greater good!"

Since my "little" brother used the athletic abilities he was blessed with (and since Chuck did emulate my athletic prowess while he was growing up), he motivated me to examine the way I was maintaining my physical fitness as well as the various ways in which I was helping to make the world a better place for others. I began seriously thinking about the MS 150 in Texas to accomplish both goals.

Originally, the road "back to me" wasn't easy! I endured freezing temperatures (December), very fast sprints that left me breathless, and very long training rides (60-100 miles) that initially made my "seat" area extremely sore! After surviving this brutal training for six months, I completed the two-day MS 150 bike ride from Houston to Austin in mid-April. In all honesty, I was a little disappointed that I didn't feel more challenged by this ride. However, putting things in its proper prospective, this was not just about the ride. Most importantly, this was about raising money to help make the lives of those suffering with MS more comfortable and fund research to develop a cure for MS!

Now that I am in the "saddle" as a cycling "athlete," I would like to make further use of my "redirected" athletic abilities to benefit the world around me. Chuck suggested that we do a ride together (so I could teach him how to really ride a bike). Originally it was supposed to be a 103 mile ride out (Day 1) and 103 miles back. However, we both wanted to test ourselves even more. Chuck found the R.A.I.N. ride, which is a 160-mile, one-day ride. This should give us a pretty good challenge. Combine this with some weight room work and stair climbing (after pushing pedals for 160 miles!) We definitely have our work cut out for us!

Similar to the MS 150, if we are not able to do the most important part -- raise money for Children's Bureau -- then all we will have done is taken a very long bike ride, worked out with some weights and walked up some stairs! Therefore, please support Children's Bureau with a donation. There is no set amount. Give whatever you can; no amount is too small!


Chuck Shares His Passion

As a child if I was going somewhere, I was running. I feel like I was born an athlete. Vigorous exercise for me has always been the way to channel my energy. This was evident when in 2005 I stepped back onto the football field after a 25-year hiatus to play semi-pro football. I played from the age of 41 to 46 1/2. Although I am no longer playing the game, I still push myself in every workout and I try to find new ways to see what all this body can do. The last thing I say after every workout is, "Thank you, God," because I know I am blessed to have a body that I can still push to the limit.

One day when I arrived at the gym after a 6-mile ride for my normal workout another member of the gym to which I belong said, "Man, on a hot day like today that would be my workout." And maybe that's where the idea of using something that I regularly do in a way that could benefit my favorite charity -- Children's Bureau. So with joy in my heart I am offering my body to those who are less fortunate by using an extreme workout to generate cash for the Bureau.

Chuck Glover, Masters in IT Management (2015)

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