A Family Christmas Story

by Joy Coordinator

This story was submitted by Nicole Woodard of our Community Partners program serving Clay, Parke, Sullivan, Vermillion and Vigo counties.

James and Ruth Ann have been raising two of their grandsons, Wyatt and Rylee, since birth. James has worked in the construction industry since he was a teen. But this year James learned that he has lung cancer. Due to his health and the enormous amount of doctor’s appointments, James could no longer work to support the family.

The family was struggling to provide basic needs for the children. The children were placed on the Hope for the Holidays tree for Christmas. The family was grateful to be placed on the tree and would have been happy with any gifts they received.

Their sponsors did an amazing job providing gifts for this family! The boys had mentioned that they loved riding bicycles, although neither child owned one. The sponsor provided both boys with a brand new bicycle! They also received helmets, knee and elbow pads, a bicycle pump and a tool kit especially for repairing bikes! The boys also received clothing, a chess set and two play tents.

Ruth Ann and James cried when they read the Christmas card from their sponsors and saw the gifts. It was a wonderful moment. They wanted to send pictures of both boys trying their bicycles out on Christmas day to say thank you. Without our generous Hope for the Holidays sponsors, families like theirs would not have such a wonderful Christmas.