Older Youth Services

Young adults leaving the foster care system lack the safety net and supports usually provided by family. Older youth case managers help these youth establish themselves and provide support as they transition to independent living. Educational programs encourage development of life skills, college and career planning, housing and transportation assistance, financial planning and sexual responsibility.

Collaborative Care

This is a voluntary program that allows DCS youth age 17.5 years and older and Probation youth 18 years and older to remain under the care and placement of DCS in order to continue to receive services.

The program can assist with rent, utilities, food, clothing, and networking. Participants should be employed full-time or attending school with part-time employment.

Independent Living

A program that provides one-on-one case management services focused on building skills of self-reliance for current foster youth ages 16-21.

Voluntary Services

A case management program for youth/young adults ages 18-21 who have been discharged from foster care.

Offered in these areas: