Rachel Glick Courage Center

Rachel Glick Courage Center

The Rachel Glick Courage Center is a short-term residential program for youth ages 8-18 who are involved with DCS or Juvenile Probation. The facility can serve as many as 18 youth at a time, and each resident has endured some form of abuse or neglect. On average, kids stay 60 to 90 days as they wait for a more suitable placement.

Who can benefit from Courage Center?

Courage Center is designed for children who will benefit from therapeutic intervention in a secure setting, combined with intensive supervision, to promote positive behaviors, healthy management of feelings, and encourage constructive emotional growth and development

Treatment used:

Treatment is a combination of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to meet each youth’s individual needs. Both individual and group therapy are provided. The goal is to help the children change their behavior and overcome the difficult life circumstances they have experienced.

Teaching-Family Model

Courage Center staff members also use the Teaching-Family Model, a method that is clinically proven to best address trauma and equip young people with life skills and coping mechanisms. The goal is to teach youth to take personal responsibility for developing needed skills and understand how those skills will benefit them in the present and future.

Opportunities for Youth at Courage Center:

Youth attend school onsite and have access to numerous enrichment opportunities such as weekly yoga and art classes during their stay. An onsite cafeteria cooks all meals, but the residents can also participate in occasional cooking classes which have been offered by volunteers at the Center.