What We Do:

Adoption Recruitment

The Adoption Recruitment (ARS) program facilitates Indiana's Adoption Program. Informing families about the need for adopting Indiana foster care youth is imperative. These children are in the foster care system because they have experienced abuse, neglect or both. Every child needs the love and support of a family.

"Adoption Champions" throughout the state provide educational sessions that offer information about the process of adopting in Indiana and tools to help potential parents consider if adoption is right for them.

Adoption Meet and Greets are held throughout the year. These events allow prospective families and foster children to interact in a natural setting and allow them time to get to know one another.

If you would like to learn more about children available for adoption, you can view the most current book online. This adoption book provides a listing of kids available for adoption. Of course, this does not provide you with a complete picture of them, only a partial introduction to these children. Watching their videos online, attending meet and greets, and inquiring about the children will help potential parents understand how Indiana foster children are just that -- children!

We invite you to learn more about adopting children in the Indiana Adoption Program. Please contact us.



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