What We Do:

Neighborhood Alliance for Child Safety (NACS)

NACS is a Marion County child abuse prevention program. This service builds community supports for families who self identify or who are referred by community agencies. These families are referred to services that help strengthen their families and prevent child abuse and neglect.

What We Offer through Neighborhood Alliance for Child Safety:

  • In-home visitation program
  • Neighborhood Liaisons (case managers) to assist families
    in developing and meeting specific family-centered goals
  • Connections with local community supports and services

 Who is Eligible for NACS:

  • Families with children 0-17 that reside in Marion County
  • Families that are not actively involved with the
    Department of Child Services or Healthy Families
  • Families that are not actively involved with Juvenile Probation

Download the NACS English brochure

Download the NACS Spanish brochure.


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