Who We Are

Founded in 1851, Children's Bureau, Inc. is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 licensed by the State of Indiana. Children's Bureau works in partnership with the Indiana Department of Child Services and other organizations statewide. In 2014 the agency served 46,853 children and their families in 47 Indiana counties. 

Mission: "Preserving families and protecting the future of Indiana's children."  

Vision: "To develop a healthy family for every child."

Diversity & Inclusion

Children's Bureau, Inc. recognizes the importance of diversity in all aspects of its mission and service. Children's Bureau, Inc. believes that the concept of diversity encompasses all aspects of race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability status, socioeconomic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, and religion. We believe that it is of utmost importance to embrace diversity and celebrate the ability of differing perspectives, skills and talents to strengthen us as an agency.

Children's Bureau, Inc. pledges to practice equal opportunity in its hiring strategies, program development, service provision, and community engagement in order to encourage inclusion of all members of our community.

Licensed & Accredited

Indiana Department
of Child Services

Council on Accreditation
for Children & Famiy Services, Inc. (COA)