Foster Families Needed: Foster parenting goes beyond helping an individual child. They help preserve and heal entire families who struggle with the temporary stress of homelessness, substance abuse, poverty, or physical/mental health. As a foster parent, you can build long-term relationships from providing just a moment of empathy and care.

We work to identify and engage men whose kids have become part of the child welfare system and provide ongoing support to help dads establish safety and stability for their children.

These curriculums are designed to teach providers about serving families affected by Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), and families affected by trauma, abuse and/or neglect

Our children’s shelter is open 24/7/365 to serve kids who’ve been displaced and traumatized by Indiana’s addictions epidemic. A temporary stay provides kids with security and stability — two things many of them have never known.

Kids build resilience each time someone is there to pick them up when they fall. And because the opposite is true, too, Children’s Bureau works to educate Indiana parents and create healthier futures.

Our mission is to preserve families and protect the future of Indiana's children.

We believe every child should have a healthy family. Children’s Bureau has been practicing compassion and understanding, free from judgment, for more than 170 years. We teach families what makes healthy people so that children grow into healthy adults. We work every day to break the “cycle” of abuse and neglect. Our priority is to keep families out of the child welfare “system” … and we do. Caring professionals show families how to eliminate the things that lead to instability. We work with families in the “system” in hopes they will stay together. Because that can’t always happen, we recruit and strengthen foster and adoptive families. We stand beside youth aging out of foster care and coach them to independence. Our programs are responsive to changing societal needs and our services will always exist so that kids can grow into healthy adults.


Children's Bureau & Families First merged April 1, 2021; as a result we expanded our resources & expertise to offer a more holistic approach to Prevention, Intervention & Family Preservation, Placement and Recovery Services. Empowering individuals to build stronger families and communities is our new mission statement. We will soon have a new name and logo. Please stay tuned for more details.

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