Children’s Bureau Employee of the Year Nomination

Nominations should be for CB employees who have been with the agency for a minimum of 1 year and display a commitment to excellence in their work. Please complete your nomination form no later than August 2, 2019.

    Staff can be nominated in categories of our core competencies. Please select one category that best describes why you are nominating this person and provide details in the space below:

    Compassionate – Genuinely cares about others and believes all people have the capacity to learn and grow.

    Client-focused - Accessible and service-oriented. Communicates in a way that builds trust and establishes rapport with others.

    Commitment to excellence - Takes personal accountability to pursue high standards, focuses on meaningful results, and drive/implement necessary changes.

    Collaborative - Works collaboratively internally and externally in pursuit of the best solutions for clients.

    Passionate – Deeply committed to our mission of preserving and protecting the future of Indiana’s children.

    Thank you for your nomination.