Roberta West Nicholson Circle of Hope

Planned gifts provide you with the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the mission of Children's Bureau.  Planned gifts have provided our programs with the necessary resources to help children and families for over 160 years.  Leave a legacy with Children's Bureau- notify us of your giving plans today.


Bequests provide donors with the opportunity to retail the use of your assets during your lifetime, while leaving behind lasting support for the organization.  Bequests are generally outlined in your will or living trust and may be for set amounts or for a percentage of your estate's value; they are exempt from state tax.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

You may designate Children's Bureau as the beneficiary of an IRA. This is a great way to make a charitable gift using an asset that otherwise might be heavily taxed as part of the donor's estate.

Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)

CRT's allow donors to place assets such as cash, securities or real estate in a trust, which then invests the asset. The trust provides income to the donor or loved one for life, after which the trust balance goes to Children's Bureau, Inc.

Charitable Gift Annuities

With a charitable gift annuity, donors enter a contractual agreement to transfer cash or stock to Children's Bureau, Inc. in exchange for a lifetime of income. There are tax benefits for making the gift, as well as attractive, age-based payout rates.